(Excerpted from Kenneth Barker's article in
Nemo, the Classic Comics Library #8; August 1984;
Fantagraphics Books, Stamford, CT)

Daddy's pre-Annie biography

He was born about 1894, near the small town of Supine. His father, a section boss on the railroad, was killed when he was a month old. His mother was left with only "gumption" and a house in which she was able to keep boarders. His early youth in Supine involved cornering all the marbles in town at age nine, serving as a messenger for the telegraph company, having a girlfriend named Millie, fishing, swimming and raiding melon patches with Spike Spangle and beating up the son of the banker who planned to foreclose on his mother's house. Then on June 7, 1905 when he was only 11, his mother died at age 30, of typhoid. On the night of the funeral he was put on the outbound Limited. Presumably he later spent some time in the city for he and Paddy Cairns were companions together in the old 8th Ward.

For a few semesters he attended college studying engineering but found no time for football or girls because he had to work seven nights a week and Sundays in the local steel mill to pay off a debt. His family background and lack of prep school education kept him from entering a fraternity. He eventually became foreman in the rolling mill, married Mrs. Warbucks, worked and planned for a family, kids, and house of their own. When "Daddy" began to make big money the marital happiness was lost but he retained his identity with the common people.

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