The Violence and Villains of Little Orphan Annie

The Revenge

This incident though, does not discourage either Pinchpenny the elder or younger. In fact, it whets their appetite for greater plans of treachery.


Gray adds a little more fuel to the villainous fire. The elder Pinchpenny, it turns out, is the hit and run driver responsible for crippling Pete Pincher's son years back. Not only does Elmer Pinchpenny run over defenseless dogs, but his father cripples little children with his car. As the deeds and actions of these two get worse, they begin to rise further and further above the realm of simple widow evictors. It's clear that Gray is out to make murderers out of them.

The last leg of the "Cosmic City" story begins in March 1933, when Gus Pincher, the crippled son of Pete Pincher, gives Annie a rusty old knife which was found on the scene of the "accident" which crippled him. When Pinchpenny sees Annie with the knife, he turns to jelly, bending to her every whim. Though Annie doesn't realize why the sudden change takes place, she figures to become friendlier with her seemingly generousity-filled "friend."

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