The Violence and Villains of Little Orphan Annie


In the climax of the story, Axel is captured by Gatt, but there is a twist.

I Don't Wanna Go Home!

Even the would-be world conquering Axel turns out to be a coward at heart. The most ruthless character Annie has ever faced turns to jelly when his own life is in danger. A villain's true color always remains yellow, according to Gray.

There are many critics of Harold Gray. There are critics of his artwork and of his politics. Though I'm not always in agreement with his political viewpoints, I'm glad that he voiced the views he believed in, rather than remaining quiet. Little Orphan Annie can be viewed as the longest running continuous political cartoon in history, whether you agree with it or not.

As for Gray's artwork, it is of a quirky nature. There seems to be little middle ground when it comes to his work. People either love it or hate it! Granted, he was no Hal Foster or Alex Raymond when it came to delineating lush an sensuous scens with beautifully flowing penwork. On the other hand, neither of those gentlemen equalled Harold Gray when it came to delineating the nitty gritty. Nobody captured a mood like Gray. Chances are, nobody will ever get the chance to again.

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