The Violence and Villains of Little Orphan Annie

To the Showdown

Knowing that Annie's life is in constant danger by the threat of Axel, Gatt has her watched with careful eyes.

Watchful Eyes

Axel, however, is successful in kidnapping Annie once again. But this time, he didn't bargain for such a foe as Nick Gatt.

The character of Axel is not that of the ordinary hoodlum. Grat has created an extraordinary thug; one who means to rule the world. It's no accident that this character mirrors Hitler's intentions. Axel becomes a Hitler-type character, but on a level that's closer to home. Annie makes the discovery of Axel's intentions while in captivity.

With Best Intentions?

Annie is able to pass the word onto Nick, who, in the best "Daddy" Warbucks fashion, promptly rescues her.

Nick figures to take care of Axel once and for all, in the hero-type way which Gray admired.

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