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Cast of Characters provided by Jim Gauthier

Below are the 58 stories of Leonard Starr's Annie strip, which ran over 20 years and spanned four decades from the end of the Seventies to the beginning of the Aughties before his retirement from writing and drawing the strip in early 2000.

Note: For the sake of consistency, I [JM] have denoted each story to begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday.

Story Weeks Dates
1. Annie is kidnapped and taken to the Middle East
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Sheik Bahd-simel, Abu Kaf-tan
15 12/03/79-03/16/80
2. Annie uncovers corruption in Washington, D.C.
Sandy, Huckie Flynn, Senator Stan, Senator Lawfty
12 03/17/80-06/08/80
3. May Flowers joins Big Cheese International
Sandy, May and Poppy Flowers
16 06/09/80-09/28/80
4. Skip Smith kidnaps Annie from Anya Toze
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Skip Smith, Anya Toze
19 09/29/80-02/08/81
5. A couple of doctors investigate hospital fraud
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Dr. Sue Choors, Dr. Lixir, Stew McClew
11 02/09/81-04/26/81
6. "Daddy" Warbucks falls in love with Angela Pease
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Punjab, Ezra Eon, Angela Pease
17 04/27/81-08/23/81
7. Mark Pease tries to save the whales
Sandy, Mark Pease, Cap'n Jack, Mr. Am and his "friends".
14 08/24/81-11/29/81
8. Annie's elderly neighbor lady uses a gun
Sandy, Miz Rewel, Mrs. Carson
13 11/30/81-02/28/82
9. Sawyer Oates's granddaughter Wilda returns home
Sandy, Sawyer Oates, Wilda Oates, Morton Gage, Hiram Handy
9 03/01/82-05/02/82
10. Sandy is dognapped by the Kneck brothers
Sandy, Kneck brothers
13 05/03/82-08/01/82
11. "Daddy" outwits Stella Han and Croesus
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Ezra Eon, Croesus, Stella Han, Billy Toy
14 08/02/82-11/07/82
12. Annie has a mysterious new playmate named Libby
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Ezra Eon, F1DO, Libby
14 11/08/82-02/13/83
13. Annie goes treasure hunting with Ezra Eon's robot F1DO
Daddy, Sandy, Ezra Eon, F1DO, Skip Smith, F1DO, Honeybun
19 02/14/83-06/26/83
14. Annie visits Angela Pease near the Mexican border
Daddy, Sandy, Angela Pease, Brander King, Coyote
22 06/27/83-11/27/83
15. Annie has a strange new school tutor, Mr. Rune
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Mr. Am, Mr. Rune, Nicholas Rune
18 11/28/83-04/01/84
16. Annie calls her new creature friend "Snawky"
Daddy, Sandy, Ezra Eon, Snawky, Dr. Obadiah Wot.
21 04/02/84-08/26/84
17. Annie helps out in Taffy Appleton's restaurant
Sandy, Abner Plumb, Taffy Appleton
20 08/27/84-01/13/85
18. Annie is pursued by the dastardly Shaddo
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Annie Hootin, Shaddo
20 01/14/85-06/02/85
19. Annie visits her old friend Hucky for the summer
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Hucky Flynn, Elwood Flynn
16 06/03/85-09/22/85
20. Annie's friend Amity seems oddly old-fashioned
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Amity Dodson
15 09/23/85-01/05/86
21. The villainous Stella Han is after Annie once again
Daddy, Sandy, Ezra Eon, Stella Han, Chopper
12 01/06/86-03/30/86
22. Stella Han is further thwarted by L. C. Masters
Sandy, Stella Han, L.C (Elsie) Masters
9 03/31/86-06/01/86
23. Annie escapes from Stella Han aboard a ship
Sandy, Ezra Eon, F1DO, Rosy Posy, Captain Walker T. Plank, Globbo, Shanty, Sprit
(Note: Sandy gets separated from Annie from 8/12/86 - 1/4/87)
23 06/02/86-11/09/86
24. Brander King is in cahoots with Stella Han
Daddy, Sandy, Asp, Punjab, Ezra Eon, F1DO, Brander King, Stella Han
18 11/10/86-03/15/87
25. Annie tangles with a street gang and "The Stinger"
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Abby Goode, Dermot Demerret, The Stinger
21 03/16/87-08/09/87
26. Annie runs into a strange character named Zeph
Daddy, Sandy, Ezra Eon, Zephania "Zeph", Dr. Obadiah Wot
24 08/10/87-01/24/88
27. Annie runs into trouble at Blackhull Island
Daddy, Sandy, Dermot Demerret, Goodwin "Goodie" Jones
15 01/25/88-05/08/88
28. Mr. Am saves Annie in a strange dream
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Pzyx, Nicholas Deems, Mr. Am
13 05/09/88-08/07/88
29. Ezra Eon's robot helps rescue Annie from Cazzbar
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, F1DO, Cazzbar
14 08/08/88-11/13/88
30. Sandy is lost and "adopted" by H. R.
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, H.R.
17 11/14/88-03/12/89
31. Annie is tutored by Flora at the woods cabin
Daddy, Sandy, Punjab, Flora, Mark Pease
15 03/13/89-06/25/89
32. Annie meets Mr. Bigg and the Bumf twins
Daddy, Sandy, Ezra Eon, Billy Bob Biggs, Byron & Myron Bumf
17 06/26/89-10/22/89
33. Annie is with Angela Pease in South America 25 10/23/89-04/15/90
34. Annie is reunited with Snawky once again 17 04/16/90-08/12/90
35. Annie and Punjab are aided by Amity's ghost 19 08/13/90-12/23/90
36. Annie goes with "Daddy" to the Arctic 17 12/24/90-04/21/91
37. Annie tries to save the "itt" animal's life 23 04/22/91-09/29/91
38. Mr. Am helps Annie understand Hucky's adventure 25 09/30/91-03/22/92
39. Annie helps a disabled athlete regain confidence 22 03/23/92-08/23/92
40. Sandy drinks a chemical and becomes a dog genius 16 08/24/92-12/13/92
41. "Daddy" is involved in a space shuttle mission 25 12/14/92-06/06/93
42. The new housekeeper has a strange daughter named Ariel 22 06/07/93-11/07/93
43. Annie goes to be tutored at the home of G. G. 21 11/08/93-04/03/94
44. Annie is abducted by gun dealer Jack B. Knimble 25 04/04/94-09/25/94
45. Annie's new friend George thinks he is an angel 15 09/26/94-01/08/95
46. Annie wonders why Angela Pease has kidnapped her 21 01/09/95-06/04/95
47. Annie is astounded to find out who "Fuzzy" really is 16 06/05/95-09/24/95
48. Annie meets Punjab's nephew Punjee 25 09/25/95-03/17/96
49. Annie helps Taffy look for her escaped gorilla Muffin 22 03/18/96-08/18/96
50. Mrs. Proffett runs a home for young drug junkies 22 08/19/96-01/19/97
51. "Daddy" gets mixed up with Shaq in the kingdom of Kwaq 29 01/20/97-08/10/97
52. Annie and Sprit go looking for Dolphin Rock 21 08/11/97-01/04/98
53. Stella Han is involved in animal genetic engineering 15 01/05/98-04/19/98
54. "Daddy" is dating witch-like Mrs. Devilla 16 04/20/98-08/09/98
55. Annie meets Gerry, a computer superhacker 23 08/10/98-01/17/99
56. Annie has a strange dream about Punjee 22 01/18/99-05/16/99
57. Annie is visiting Hucky, who hasn't been himself lately 18 05/17/99-09/19/99
58. Annie meets old friends and enemies in the "Verreal" program 22 09/20/99-02/20/00

Note: After Leonard Starr's retirement, the newspapers began reprinting the third story (May Flowers at Big Cheese International, 1980) on 02/21/00.

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