(Excerpted from Kenneth Barker's article in
Nemo, the classic comics library #8; August 1984;
Fantagraphics Books, Stamford, CT)

In January 1925, Annie rescued a small pup which was being teased by a group of boys behind Mrs. Bottle's store. The pup was a sandy-colored mongrel, part Airedale, part Collie--later expanded to "dozens o' breeds!"--with a black left ear, a black patch on its back and a white tip on its tail. Annie named him Sandy.

Since she was not allowed to bring the pup into the Bottle home where she was staying at the time, she entrusted him to the care of Paddy Lynch. There, he remained when Annie fled the Bottle home on her first "road" trip. In the course of that first journey, Annie was kidnapped by a group of Gypsies. As she was being abused, a full grown Sandy came to the rescue. From then on, with occasional short intervals, the two were inseparable.

Sandy's vocabulary consisted mainly of the famous line, "Arf!"

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