Punjab first appears in January of 1935. Our first hint of him is in the huge footprints in the snow around Warbucks and Annie's shack (yes, their fortunes have taken a turn for the worse again!). He is from India, and initially works for Henry Morgan, an old friend of Warbucks'. Morgan orders him to guard Annie: "Punjab - watch over her - lighten her burdens - see that no harm comes to her - care for her as you would care for me." With this command, Punjab is sealed to Annie forever. Punjab possesses great powers - he can appear out of nowhere, and by covering people with his cape, he can make them disappear to an alternate dimension, or to "the genii." Once, he shows Annie how by making Sandy disappear - and when Sandy returns, he is scared out of his wits. Punjab is not at all adverse to removing villains in this manner, which Warbucks must (halfheartedly!) scold him for on more than one occasion. Warbucks' enlightened despotism is eclipsed by Punjab's "enlightened" barbarism.